To enhance the learning experience for all believers in Bible teaching. And to aid ministers in discipleship by creating resources for churches, small groups, Bible studies, and various other ministries.


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Dreams for the Future

Here are some things I’d like to start creating that would be available to the public

• sketchnotes of entire books of The Bible available for free downloads or posters, and flyers

• free sketchnote books in kindle or PDF form of books of The Bible.

• free downloadable kindle books of sketchnotes that follow side by side with spiritual teaching books. I have ambitions to create sketchnotes of every page of teaching books of Apostle Greg Crawford. I’d like to also sketchnote entire books that are classic literature for every student of The Word of God. These sketchnote books would be side by side with these teachings to help organize the information in ways that can be more memorable coupled with these images.

• free downloadable posters, fliers, handouts for churches to display sermons, teachings, missions, and for small group study.

• free downloadable slides for churches, ministers, small group studies to use in their teachings.

• free images to share in social media posts or on websites

• posters and books

• screensavers, bookmarks, digital resources, etc. 

• sketchnotes stickers of teachings 

• LIVE videos of me creating the sketchnotes while listening to the teachings.

• sketchnotes created from Legacy School Classes downloadable for print or digital notes.



In order to create these resources it takes tremendous time and financial resources to provide these. I feel these could enhance understanding and retaining of teaching in so many and would love the opportunity. I’d like to do this as a crowdfunded ministry so many of the resources can be free and everyone can be blessed regardless of their financial situation. 


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