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Indoors and Outdoor muralist 

Indoor/Outdoor Mural


Indoor or Outdoor Murals, Kathleen can do it all! Set up a free consultation for your mural project. 

Moss Mural/Moss Wall

biophilic moss mural

Psssst!!! You want something REALLY unique for your indoor mural? Go to my other website to check out my biophilic design murals! 

Chalk Mural/Chalkboard

wedding chalk board artist-iowa

Kathleen will create wedding and event chalk boards. Set up your free consultation for your event.

Mural Portfolio Below


"Kathleen helped transform my restaurant with her artwork. Upon entry you will see in my opinion her best work which is a mural of Venice. The detail in that painting still amazes me years later. 


She has painted multiple rose blossoms throughout Cosi to match our theme of red roses on our tables, and the 3D effect she was able to create with each blossom was incredible. 


Kathleen is a truly gifted artist and a joy to work with."


Peter Renzo

Owner of Cosi Cucina Italian Restaurant 

Des Moines, Iowa

Mural Portfolio

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