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Street Chalk Artist

I discovered the amazing colorful qualities of chalk when I was in High School and I’ve been using chalk on paper ever since. It was more of a personal art form where I could just get messy and enjoy the chalk on my hands. I love to touch the medium I work with in my artwork.


I got my start in chalk when I learned about a chalk art contest in Chicago and decided to enter. I knew chalking on the sidewalk was going to be very different than on paper but I was up for the challenge. I created a beautiful piece titled, “Starry Flight” and won first place championship at that competition. It was there that I attracted my sponsor Champ Sticks. Now I am a professional chalk artist creating colorful chalk art murals at various festivals, fairs, contests, and events for entertainment and advertising. I am based in Des Moines, Iowa but I travel all over the world.


I love street art because it is for everyone to enjoy. My art isn’t closed inside four walls for only a few to see. And it can be viewed by people of every class, not only ones who can afford original artwork. I love watching the children walk up to my drawing as I’m working. Many of them want to join in! It makes my day to see their faces light up when they see my drawings.

Award Winning Professional

Iowa Chalk Artist Kathleen Roling 

Under Water

Swimming Pool Mural Artist

Kathleen takes the same things she learned as a 3D chalk artist, creating illusions, and applies them to her very unique swimming pool murals. Similar elements go into creating an experience of placing artwork within a real-life environment to make an impact.

Fine Artist

Nature inspires me to create what I see and to express it to others for their encouragement and joy. My experiences and thoughts throughout the day greatly influence my creative decisions. Reflecting the nature that inspires me, my physical process is equally natural. Often my space for creating is set apart from the rest of the world so I can reflect on the process and allow myself to meditate on my inspiration for that piece. My attention is closely partnered with an awareness of a spiritual side of life that is unseen. Painting becomes a place of deep thought and prayer inspired by the Creator Himself.

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