My Favorite medium is watercolor painting. I love to use a variety of techniques and papers to keep my work interesting.  Today I will be going through a step by step process for a technique I use with liquid watercolors and rice paper. I adore Eastern style art and much of my inspiration comes from old Japanese paintings and block prints.  To keep with the spirit of the rice paper art, I chose Nature and Pandas for the theme of the piece. This piece is titled “Peaceful Pandas”.

The greatest advantage to this technique is the wonderful texture that appears throughout the painting. It offers a solution for foliage that is both beautiful and simple. I use this technique a lot with smaller subjects on the page to emphasize the importance of the nature around the subject.

Whenever I do a piece like this I make sure to clear my works pace and create a place of peace for myself. My process is just as important to me as the art itself. I usually play music and keep my window open for fresh air. I try to limit myself to five colors (plus black) when I do a painting like this. It helps me to keep the painting from getting muddy looking. It also helps me to plan the painting in a more intuitive fashion rather than meticulously drafting sketches. For this style and technique I only have a vague idea of what I want the end result to look like. The Nature of the technique makes it very difficult to plan exact composition. It’s better to allow the paint to flow and make plans as you go.

You will need a variety of brush sizes. I recommend at least one for small detail and one large for the texture technique.

First I’ll lightly sketch the subject of my painting with a pencil. Be careful, the paper is very fragile and you want to be gentle so you don’t tear it.