• Stripped Away

    24" 48"

    Acrylic and Oil on Canvas


    I’ve been in a hard season… there were times I felt like everything that made me “me” was just gone. I was unable to make art or play music. I had health issues that wore away at my dreams for my life. I felt like I had nothing to give…. but in that stripping away of all the activity in my life, it caused me to look deep inside and ask God why I was struggling to keep my head above water.
    I normally weather storms stronger, but I didn’t this round. It really came down to where I’m finding my satisfaction in my identity. If I was truly satisfied in God alone, I would have peace. But much of my identity has been wrapped up in what I “do”. When it was all gone I had to be honest with myself and The Lord about the internal struggle with this. God is teaching me and helping me build my life on the true rock and foundation. “Every good work is laid
    Upon your altar, consumed
    As natural ways go up in flames
    The only thing left is you

    Strip everything away
    Nothing of us remain
    Till only you are seen
    Father, it’s you we need”


      5616 Hickman Rd. #5

      DES MOINES, IA 50310

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      Kathleen Roling 2018 

      Award Winning Professional

      Iowa Chalk Artist Kathleen Roling