• Meditations


    Acrylic on Stretched Canvas



    I am calling this piece “Meditations”. Whenever I put brush to canvas, I kept myself in a prayer and meditation place in my heart and mind. I set it apart for this purpose. Through this whole painting I would pray through various situations and for people. I would also spend time allowing God to teach me things in my own heart that needed help. Through the last details of the piece, I was listening to a teaching of the 18” journey, and asking God to help me shift those areas needing healed or strengthened in me. 
    I will take on a larger or more detailed project like this at times to create a specific space for prayer and meditation to be disciplined in it. I enjoy the focus of working with the paints in a tactile way while I deal with deeper things. It also gives me the opportunity to create something beautiful at the end of that time.


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      Kathleen Roling 2018 

      Award Winning Professional

      Iowa Chalk Artist Kathleen Roling