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Last Saturday I traveled from my home in Iowa all the way over to Kewanee, Illinois to compete in the Prairie Chicken Chalk Arts Festival. I competed in the Professional bracket of the competition. And those 12 hours of work was well worth it because I won the grand championship of the event! {Happy Dance Ensues}

This “Koi Pond” chalk artwork was so much fun because I did an interactive 3D piece that EVERYONE loved. The kids had a blast getting pictures of themselves on the bridge and precariously walking on the rocks as if they were about to fall into the water. It was a hot day and I wanted to REALLY jump into a pond! I love the chalk art because it is beautiful as well as entertaining. Everyone has fun with this public form of art and it is just so great for events!

Watch this video for a full walk around experience! It’s as if you got to see it live! To see more of my work, check out my website at

Kathleen Roling – Award Winning Grand Champion Professional Chalk Artist – Iowa

Thank You Champ Sticks and Chalk Champ, Shawn Hays for sponsoring me for this festival.

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