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Updated: Dec 13, 2018

I had quite the day on Saturday! I got to spend all day working on my chalk drawing in Chesterton, Indiana at the Hooked on Arts festival. What a fun day! I’m very happy with my colorful street art. I loved using the Champ Sticks chalk because its so vibrant! I’ve titled this piece “Poised”.

I have a new page on my website just for my chalk art now! Click the link to check it out

I’m very excited to do more chalk pieces in my city and around the United States. Enjoy the photos of “Poised”.

I can’t wait to do more street art. But OH MAN am I sore! Three weekends in a row is too much for anyone. I’ll have to rest for a while before I go again. But I have all my Painting supplies waiting for me in my studio so I’ll be just fine ^_^

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