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Check out my newest mural direction - Swimming Pool Murals!

IMPRESS your pool party guests this summer with a custom swimming pool mural! Hand painted by me!

I'm excited to announce my new direction with my mural skills. I LOVE to paint ocean themes and decided to break into new territory with my work.

I'm taking the same things I learned as a 3D chalk artist, creating illusions, and appling them to these super unique swimming pool murals. Similar elements go into creating an experience of placing artwork within a real-life environment to make an impact. It is a great way to take my skills and do something more permenent with them! Plus I love being the only artist around who can do something unique. At this time, I'm the only swimming pool painting muralist around Iowa. Pretty neat, huh!

If you, or anyone you know has a pool you want spruced up, I'm your gal! check out my newest mural direction!


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